About ALS Crowd

The ALS Crowd project was created by ALS patient Seth Christensen and his wife Amy, who want to help ALS patients connect with the best doctors and the latest in ALS research. In the last 100 years, ALS has only had one new drug developed. Clearly, there is more work to be done to push the field forward. As ALS patients and caregivers, we know how difficult it is to understand what is going on in the field of ALS and are looking for unbiased, patient-focused and easy-to-understand explanations.

ALS Crowd is a division of the CrowdCare Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by rare disease patients who are dedicated to driving cures for orphan diseases through collaboration between patients, their families, doctors, and researchers. We know how overwhelming an incurable diagnosis can be both physically and emotionally. The CrowdCare Foundation is a patient-centered organization created to support patients at each step of their disease journey – from diagnosis, through care and on to a cure.

Seth Christensen

Seth Christensen is an ALS diagnosee (2010), Co-Founder and Executive Director, ALS Crowd Division of the CrowdCare Foundation. Seth hosts ALS Crowd Radio, a live internet radio show interviewing the top ALS researchers to help educate patients on the latest in research and support new ALS clinical trials.

Prior to joining CrowdCare in 2014, Seth was a Director with Microsoft‘s Corporate Venture Integration Group (VIC), where he led over 40 corporate acquisition or divestiture engagements, as well as founding/developing VIC‘s divestiture practice. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2008, Seth was a Senior Integration Manager with Intel Capital‘s M&A Integration group for nearly five years, and a Senior Buyer with Intel‘s Procurement Group for two years. While with ICAP, Seth led or co-led fourteen deals ranging from $2M-$6B and authored or co-authored Intel‘s due diligence, integration planning, communications, closure, value capture/creation, and measurement processes for domestic and international transactions. He executed deals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Seth holds a BA from Brigham Young University, and an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Management at Babson College.