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    • Aug 24, 2014

    Utah Legislature & Public doing LARGEST ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE yet!

What an amazing experience the Ice Bucket Challenge has been! Those of us living with ALS have been overwhelmed by the interest, compassion, and generosity that has been “poured out” over social media over the last month.
I want to personally invite you and your family, whether you have done the challenge or not, to join together in the largest gathering of ice-bucketeers yet: on Tuesday, August 26, beginning at 4:30 PM on the front lawn of the Utah State Capitol, PLEASE join me, the Utah Legislature, multiple ALS charities, corporate donors, and local TV stations as we join together to bring an end to ALS!
What you need:
  • a bucket
  • the name of someone to challenge
  • a phone or other video recording device
  • ANY donation you wish to bring  (cash or check are appreciated)
Ice will be provided for the first 1000 people by Associated Food Stores
Water will be administered by the Salt Lake Fire Department
The first 100 donors of $100 or more will receive a bucket compliments of The Home Depot
What we need:
  • YOU!… In attendance!
  • Promotion: please invite everyone you know including teams, businesses, coworkers, congregations/wards
  • Donors: please consider giving or giving again… especially you business leaders. This is an incredible opportunity to offer “matching” challenges
Please spread the word! Look for any updates on www.facebook.com/ALScrowd
All my gratitude,
Seth Christensen
ALS diagnosee since 2010
Co-founder: ALScrowd.org
Twitter: @ALSCROWD

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Seth Christensen

Seth is an ALS patient and founder of ALS Crowd, a division of the CrowdCare Foundation. As host of the ALS Crowd Radio show, he interviews top ALS researchers and focuses his efforts on the aggregation of big data to help researchers and patients find clues that will drive to a cure.


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