By Jacob Ahlstrom | Posted - Aug 3rd, 2020





Should You Be Crushing Your Riluzole Tablets? New Easy-to-Swallow Administration Helps.

Are you or your pALS taking Riluzole? Riluzole is the only FDA-approved treatment for ALS. For you and your pALS it is important to take the full prescribed dose. Taking the full dose is a challenge for ALS patients because ALS affects the nerves and muscles that help you swallow. Even in early stages of ALS swallowing a tablet can be a challenging task for someone with ALS. 

Some people to solve this problem by crushing up the tablets into powder and then mix the powder into easy-to-swallow foods. Unfortunately, Riluzole manufacturers discourage this because “it doesn’t ensure that ALS patients are getting the full dose and full benefit.” The alternative is a suspension drug or a drug that mixes Riluzole in an easy-to-swallow solution. If you want to further consider this option or learn more about Riluzole click here




Jacob Ahlstrom
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Jacob Ahlstrom - Jacob is a Neuroscience undergraduate at Brigham Young University. Jacob's interest in researching and writing about ALS is fueled by his hope to make the process easier for everyone else. Over the last year he has worked alongside Seth Christensen to find ways to educate and connect ALS patients.