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    • Jan 07, 2015

    New ALS Facebook Groups for Patients and Family/Caregivers

ALS Crowd is happy to announce two new Facebook groups for the ALS community with the goal of connecting patients and family/caregivers with one another to help share critical information.

The first is a Facebook Group specifically for ALS patients and is a great place to share strategies, treatments and tips, find doctor recommendations and ask questions of other patients. Join the ALS Crowd Patient Group.

Then we have a new Facebook group just for family members and caregivers for multiple myeloma patients and survivors. Concerned family members and caregivers are critical to an ALS patient’s success and survival. You can help us research important topics, ask the right questions in the clinic, organize our medications and provide the physical and emotional support we need to get through challenges. This important group can help share treatment options, discuss relevant ALS research, give recommendations about doctors to see, and describe coping strategies for both patients and caregivers. Join the ALS Crowd Family/Caregiver Group.

Please share this post TODAY with your Facebook family, caregivers and friends, and let’s collaborate to help find new treatments and a cure for ALS!

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ALS Crowd co-founder, friend and ALS patient supporter. Jenny launched the CrowdCare Foundation in 2012 to bring patient involvement into the acceleration of a cure for rare and orphan diseases.


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