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    • Mar 09, 2015

    Man Who Invented Ice Bucket Challenge Honored

Social media sites were exploding this last summer with the latest trends, but one trend took the prize for the most popular. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. According to Forbes, the Ice Bucket challenge has raised over $100 million. That outstanding amount of money was all masterminded by one man.

Pete Frates was a Division I baseball player for Boston College. He was elected the team captain in 2007, and went on to play professional baseball. Tragedy struck when Pete was diagnosed with ALS at age 27. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Crates masterminded an idea that has changed the ALS world. With the Ice Bucket challenge, Frates was able to bring national attention and money to ALS.

Frates has been a lifelong Red Sox fan. He played the Red Sox in college, and was able to hit a homerun in Fenway Park. This year, the only jersey worn was #3, Pete’s Boston College jersey number.

Pete was unable to attend the game, but his family was able to attend. Instead of Frates being on the field, it was his wife and seven month-old daughter Lucy. His wife Julie said seeing Lucy on the field “might be one of the greatest joys of his lifetime”.

To donate to the “Pete Frates #3 Fund” visit: http://petefrates.com/index.html#.VPjvwns5AqM

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