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    • Feb 19, 2015

    A Man With ALS Says “I Love You” to His Wife for the First Time in 15 Years

“I love you Lorraine.”

These were the first words spoken by Don Moir in 15 years. Don was diagnosed with ALS in 1995, and has been living with this debilitating disease ever since then. In 1999, Don was outfitted with a ventilator, which took away his ability to speak. Ever since then, he has been unable to speak, and has used a simple letter board as his way to communicate with his family.

After years of taking care of Don, Lorraine heard an interview with Mick Ebeling, the founder of Not Impossible Labs. Mick was discussing an invention known as the Eyewriter. The Eyewriter is a device that is similar to glasses, but enables people who can’t move to speak, by simply moving their eyes.

Javed Gangjee, a volunteer and engineer for Not Impossible Labs, worked with Don for over a year in an attempt to restore Don’s ability to speak. Since Don had never used a computer before, this was a difficult process. Javed then started using Don’s letter board and was able to create a program that Don was able to use.

When they had Don use the technology for the first time, Don’s simple message was “I love you Lorraine.”

For more information on Don and his journey, see video


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