Life with ALS

ALS Communication Tools

LIFE WITH ALS - May 11, 2020

Communicating with ALS Without Technology Although the progression of ALS symptoms is different in each patient, most patients will need some type of communi... Read More


LIFE WITH ALS - August 07, 2019

Although not usually linked together, a recent study in Neurology shows how prediagnostic weight gain and ALS may be linked. Based in Norway, researchers col... Read More

Physical Therapy for ALS Patients

LIFE WITH ALS - July 18, 2019

Despite there being no cure for ALS, there are a variety of treatment options for those affected by the disease. One of these being physical therapy. Physical t... Read More

Caffeine and ALS

LIFE WITH ALS - July 16, 2019

Caffeine is a large part of people's diets, whether it's in the form of coffee, tea, or a soda. According to an article on Food Chemical Toxicology, peo... Read More