Financial Resources

Before starting treatment, patients and their caregivers should meet with the financial counselor at the facility where they will be treated. Each hospital will have its own financial counselor within each specific clinic. The counselor will help determined coverage and estimate out of pocket costs. There may be restrictions on treatment options covered by Medicare and Medicaid. After you have met with the counselor, the resources below can help bridge financial gaps.

Financial planner Diahanna Valentine helped compile this list of helpful financial resources. To contact Diahanna for professional assistance, email her at

Pharmaceutical Company Patient Assistance Programs

Amgen Assist 360 (1-800-28-AMGEN) (Kyprolis, Xgeva, Neupogen, Neulasta)

BMS Access Support (1-800-861-0048) (Empliciti)

Celgene Patient Support (1-800-931-8691, EXT 4077) (Revlimid, Pomalyst, Thalomid)

Genentech (1-888-941-3331) (Venclexta)

Janssen (800-609-1083) (Doxil, Darzalex)

Novartis Patient Assistance (1-800-245-5356) (Farydak, Zometa)

Sanofi Genzyme Care Assist Patient Program (1-833-930-2273) (Sarclisa/isatuximab)

Equipment / Supplies Expenses

St. Peters Health Partners