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    • Sep 17, 2014

    Cyclist to solo 423 miles in 26 hours raising $ for ALScrowd.org

Mike Conti’s S2S Ride

On Sept 19th Mike Conti of Park City, Utah will be racing from Salt Lake City to St George to raise awareness and money for ALS.  “Soloing” the Salt-to-Saint relay, a race typically ridden by eight-rider teams, he will ride 423 miles non-stop with a goal to complete the race in 26 hours.

“My goal is to raise $10,000 with all proceeds going directly to ALS Crowd” says Conti.  ALS Crowd is a division of the CrowdCare Foundation, a Utah based non-profit founded by ALS diagnosee Seth Christensen. It was created to help educate and empower ALS patients and to close the gap between ALS patients and ALS doctors/researchers. The Salt-to-Saint relay, founded by Christensen’s brother Clay, has aligned itself with the ALS Crowd, and Conti is “all in”.  Says Conti, “I believe in what they are doing and that is why I’m riding my bike non stop for 423 miles.”

This is not Conti’s first foray into long-distance cycling or ALS fundraising. Earlier this year he rode 517 miles from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas in a race called Saints-to-Sinners, raising awareness and more than $10,000 for ALS.  He is also Salt-to-Saint veteran, having ridden as a member of a relay team in 2012 and making an unsuccessful solo attempt in 2013. According to Clay Christensen, “Mike is an extraordinary example of the type of rider the Salt-to-Saint attracts…disciplined, life-loving, and a little crazy.” Says Seth Christensen, “We are thrilled to have Mike ride for ALS Crowd. His ride embodies the determination and Herculean effort needed to bring an end to ALS.”

Those interested in contributing to and following Conti’s ride can do so at: http://www.gofundme.com/S2Ssolo . Says Conti, “I ride for those given the death sentence of ALS. Please support me in raising both money and awareness.  If you did the #icebucketchallenge and didn’t donate then this is your time to step up and donate.  You will get good karma credits.”




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Seth Christensen

Seth is an ALS patient and founder of ALS Crowd, a division of the CrowdCare Foundation. As host of the ALS Crowd Radio show, he interviews top ALS researchers and focuses his efforts on the aggregation of big data to help researchers and patients find clues that will drive to a cure.


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