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    • Sep 13, 2017

    Blues Barbershop 3rd Annual Car Show Fundraiser for ALS Crowd

Blues Barbershop Car Show to Benefit ALS Crowd

What: Blues Barbershop 3rd Annual Classic Car Show

When: Saturday, September 16, 2017, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Where: Holladay City Hall, 4580 South 2300 East Holladay, Utah 84117

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This Saturday, September 16, the locally owned Blues Barbershop will host the third annual Holladay Car Show. Last year’s show was a success with a fun-filled day full of live music, food trucks, and classic cars. Various cars will be featured gain this year, including ALS Crowd Founder Seth Christensen’s infamous 1968 Camaro RS.

A few years ago, Seth’s 13-year-old son emailed him and said, “Dad, I’ve decided what car I want; a ’68 Camaro.” Seth says in a typical life you would blow that off and say, “Yeah, we all do.” But Christensen, as an ALS diagnosee himself, doesn’t take time or dreams for granted. Father and son immediately started looking around, found a pretty good car and bought it. It did not drive at all and needed a complete restoration. The Utah Auto Body Association partnered with Christensen to help complete this project.

Seth also struck up a friendship with Jerone Wedig, owner of Blues Barbershop in Holladay. Their mutual love of classic cars led them to put on their own car show as a fundraiser for ALS Crowd. A non-profit organization, ALS Crowd brings patients and doctors together to better understand and cure ALS.  ALS is a syndrome that progressively degenerates the nerve cells that control all muscle movement.  Most patients are told they have 3-5 years to live from diagnosis.

ALS Crowd, is an organization with an ambitious mission, dedicated to connecting ALS patients with resources and physicians. A critical project of ALS Crowd is their Big Data Initiative. Today there is a rich ecosystem of ALS-focused organizations doing brilliant work, including a few who are seeking to build databases that include data from across the ALS research spectrum. However, to date there is still no large-scale, open-source, open-access database dedicated to the sharing of ALS patient, medical, and scientific data. It is the creation of such a global database that is proposed by the ALS Crowd Big Data Initiative. Funds raised at the Holladay Car Show will directly benefit this and other ALS crowd projects.


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