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ALS Crowd co-founder, friend and ALS patient supporter. Jenny launched the CrowdCare Foundation in 2012 to bring patient involvement into the acceleration of a cure for rare and orphan diseases.

ALS Crowd Radio Episode 11: Dr. Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Alfred Goldberg, PhD Harvard Medical School Interview Date: January 7, 2016  Dr. Goldberg's knowledge and discoveries about proteasome inhibitors, used to treat multiple myeloma, are making the development of new drugs against ALS possible.  His insight about cellular mechanisms can be used for both ALS and multipule myeloma; but it opposite ways.  One disease [...]

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What the Gleason Act Could Mean for ALS Patients

As seen on PR Newswire July 27, 2015 Stuart Millheiser, founder of the non-profit ALS Guardian Angels, is a recognized voice for ALS awareness and research. His charity offers funding and a strong network of support to victims of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their loved ones. According to Stu Millheiser, the U.S. House of Representatives [...]

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What May Slow ALS Degeneration?

In a recent article in ALS News Today, researchers at Penn Medicine found that hypermethylation can slow the development of ALS. The normal methylation process impacts genes that affect DNA structures. A research team at Penn Medicine recently found that hypermethylation is able to inhibit the development of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) and Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) in a [...]

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New ALS Facebook Groups for Patients and Family/Caregivers

ALS Crowd is happy to announce two new Facebook groups for the ALS community with the goal of connecting patients and family/caregivers with one another to help share critical information. The first is a Facebook Group specifically for ALS patients and is a great place to share strategies, treatments and tips, find doctor recommendations and ask [...]

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ALS Crowd Episode 2: Dr. John Ravits on ALS causes and new research targets

Dr. John Ravits, MD UC San Diego School of Medicine Interview Date: July 11, 2014   Summary What causes ALS? Dr, John Ravits addresses the question of what we know and don't know about its cause. He notes that ALS is not a genetic disease in the majority of cases. He describes how the disease [...]

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ALS Crowd Episode 1: Dr. Merit Cudkowicz on the state of ALS research today

Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, MD Massachusetts General Hospital Interview Date: June 26, 2014   Summary Dr. Cudkowicz, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital and top ALS researcher, gives an overarching view of the state of ALS discoveries. She describes what ALS is and how its biggest challenge is its variation in each patient (heterogeneity).  She describes very exciting new [...]

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