ALS Crowd Big Data Initiative

“Big Data” technologies promise new discoveries in healthcare by bringing together vast amounts of patient input, medical records, clinical trial results, and genetic data and being able to analyze it in ways never before imagined.

Today there is a rich ecosystem of ALS-focused organizations doing brilliant work, including a few who are seeking to build databases that include data from across the ALS research spectrum. However, to date there is still no large-scale, open-source, open-access database dedicated to the sharing of ALS patient, medical, and scientific data. It is the creation of such a global database that is proposed by the ALS Crowd Big Data Initiative.

We are excited about the progress made in discussions with various ALS and Big Data stakeholders; stay tuned for announcements of key partnerships that will help provide the vision, leadership, and tools for bringing Big Data to the ALS fight. We invite you to join us.